Misconception of "I'M NOT RICH, I DONT NEED A WILL" 

Parents, do you know what will happen to your children if you do not have a Will?  

This guide helps you to compile all the information you’ll need when making will planning and last journey planning.  

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About Alverna Cher , Will Planning Expert

Alverna Cher, officially started the route of entrepreneurship in the year 2007. Decided to stay at home to be a Full-time MUM in the year 2013. In the year 2015, Alverna Cher turns from a stay-at-home mum to become an entrepreneur and single-handedly manages two businesses, City Funeral Singapore Pte Ltd and Recruitment agency. Alverna Cher believes in self-improvement and providing holistic service to clients and their family. Educating the community on the importance to plan ahead. 'CARE planner system' is launch in 2016 and was well received by the family in Singapore. ‘CARE planner system’ provides Will Writing, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney‎, As Need Funeral and preplanning of Funeral Service all part of the last journey planning. Alverna Cher quoted "Turn the lesson learned, into fuel that keeps your dream burning". As a certified Will Planner and Grief Counselor. She has also been a strong believer in preparing in advance for one’s final journey, providing a holistic service to her clients and their family, helping them with Will Writing, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney‎, As Need Funeral and Pre-planning Funeral all part of the ‘CARE planner system’ programme. Despite her busy schedule, she also manages to read parenting books and attend parenting coaching lessons to help groom and raise both her daughters. Alverna Cher is not only an inspiring and hardworking businesswoman but also a caring and devoted mother. Awarded - Special Recognition Exemplary Young Mother Award 2018, by Jamiyah Singapore for her commitment in business, community work and parenting philosophy. 

This Free Guide Will Show You How to...

  • Find out if your CPF can be included in a Will.  
  • Find out if HDB flat , private estate can be included in a Will.  
  • Knowing what kind of assets to include in a Will. 
  • Identify the need as a parent to writing a Will.  
  • Write a Will or not? A guide that clear your doubts.  
  • This handy guide is easy-to-understand.  

Sharing in Chinese , on the 3 main person needed in a written Will. 

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